Ramnagar Clinic
Ramnagar Clinic


The Dentist dental clinic in Ramnagar is a renowned dental clinic in Coimbatore, being our very first branch it has excelled for more than a decade of almost 13years now, rendering patients with utmost care and contended services treating almost more than 25000 patients till date.
The Dentist Ramnagar is a multispeciality dental hospital providing you with various dental treatments with the latest and advanced equipment, We specialize in root canal treatments, pediatric dentistry, full mouth rehabilitation, dental implants, and Invisalign and have completed multiple cases in these procedures.


With a background in oral surgery, clinical research, and hospital management, Dr. Nandhini has a wealth of knowledge in the field. Dr. Nandhini has over 6 years of expertise and has successfully resolved numerous complex and challenging dental situations, making patients’ smiles brighter and more confident. She is an active member of the Indian Dental Association as well as other professional organisations. For her dental service, she has received numerous awards and accolades.
Dr.Leona Dafni


Dr.Leona Dafni is an Associate dentist in the dentist dental clinic, she has a degree in bachelor of dental surgery and has an experience in corporate and clinical dentistry for the past 6 years and has an MBA, master in hospital management she is skilled in
patient handling & management, Clinical management, Esthetic restorations, restorative dentistry, Full mouth Rehabilitation, Root canal procedures, Periodontal procedures and minor surgical procedures.

Dr. Veena

Dr. Veena Sruthy has a degree in bachelor of dental surgery degree.  She has an experience in dentistry for about 6yrs. She is well versed in extractions and minor surgical procedures. She has a fellowship in endodontics. She is skilled in endodontic and root canal procedures.  She also performs esthetic and restorative procedures, Dentures, and full mouth rehabilitation and has assisted in a number of implant surgeries herself. 


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