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Laser Therapy is commonly referred to as Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy (LAPT). Certain lasers can be used for soft tissue treatment only, while others can be used for both soft and hard tissue applications. The diode laser that performs LAPT is an important and extremely effective therapy used by Atlanta Dental Spa to treat gum disease through the process of tissue regrowth rather than cutting. The diode laser can specifically target unhealthy gum tissues that constitute gum disease. The technology was developed and perfected to be patient-friendly, and successful.

Facial Injuries and Infections


Because gum disease is a chronic inflammatory disease caused by a bacterial infection and can lead to more serious diseases, the detoxifying effect of laser treatment is most valuable in treating the patient. There are no signs of thermal side effects in any of the patients treated. Most all studies have specifically indicated no adverse tissue events thereby demonstrating the safety of the diode laser. The diode laser’s very effective bactericidal action on periodontal pathogens makes the adjunctive use of antibiotics sometimes unnecessary. This eliminates the problem of bacterial resistance and systemic side effects engendered by antibiotic use. The laser is a safe and effective treatment.


Clinic is superb with its ambience and very good hospitality from the team as the entire check up process was very comfortable and professional.
Invisalign for Suguna-Dentist
Very well organised Clinic from booking appointments till treatments and follow up.Perfectly done with high importance and painless treatment


Laser Dentistry treatment cost will start from  Rs 8000 and depends on complexity the charges will be extra and will recommended if required


Most frequent questions and answers

It depends on mulitple factors like the size of the cavity and  material used to fill the cavity.

Fillings are safe and effective,but some people might experience discomfort or tooth sensitivity afterward.Most of the time,this sensitivity is normal and will resolve within few days or weeks

During filling procedures, dentists clean away the decay inside the cavity, usually with a drill, before filling it in.Fillings work by replacing the part of the tooth destroyed
by tooth decay. The dentist molds them to match the shape ofthe surrounding tooth.