Gum Depigmentation

Gum Depigmentation

Gum Depigmentation



You can get rid of the black or brown colour of your gums and have pretty pink colour gums.We at THE DENTIST will be able to treat through Gum Stripping or Gum Depigmentation

Gum Depigmentation
Gum Depigmentation

Treatment procedure​

As in skin, the darkness of gums is also due to excessive melanin pigmentation. In this treatment, the superficial pigmented layer of gums is removed which in few days is naturally replaced by healthy pink gums. Due to the latest development in Dentistry, you have better options where you can get this treatment done with the use of lasers also. This is especially effective for people whose dark color gums are visible when they smile thus spoiling the appearance of the face, making them conscious while speaking


Clinic is superb with its ambience and very good hospitality from the team as the entire check up process was very comfortable and professional.
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Very well organised Clinic from booking appointments till treatments and follow up.Perfectly done with high importance and painless treatment


Gum depigmentation cost will start from  Rs 10000 and depends on complexity the charges will be extra and will recommended if required


Most frequent questions and answers

It depends on mulitple factors like the size of the cavity and  material used to fill the cavity.

Fillings are safe and effective,but some people might experience discomfort or tooth sensitivity afterward.Most of the time,this sensitivity is normal and will resolve within few days or weeks

During filling procedures, dentists clean away the decay inside the cavity, usually with a drill, before filling it in.Fillings work by replacing the part of the tooth destroyed
by tooth decay. The dentist molds them to match the shape ofthe surrounding tooth.