Scaling & Polishing

Scaling and Polishing​

Scaling and Polishing

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When scaling is performed, calculus and plaque that attaches to the tooth surfaces is removed. The process especially targets the area below the gum line, along the root. Scaling is performed with a special dental tool called an ultrasonic scaling tool. The scaling tool usually includes an irrigation process that can be used to deliver an antimicrobial agent below the gums to help reduce oral bacteria.


Root planning is performed in order to remove cementum and surface dentin that is embedded with unwanted microorganisms, toxins, and tartar. The root of the tooth is literally smoothed, which promotes healing, and also helps prevent bacteria from easily colonizing in the future.


If treatment is successful, scaling and planning may have many periodontal benefits. One is that it can help prevent disease. Research has proven that bacteria from periodontal infections can travel through the blood stream and affect other areas of the body, sometimes causing heart and respiratory diseases. Scaling and root planing remove bacteria that cause these conditions.

Another benefit of treatment is protecting teeth against tooth loss. When gum pockets exceed 3mm in depth, the risk for periodontal disease increases. As pockets deepen, more bacteria are able to colonize, eventually causing a chronic inflammatory response by the body to destroy gingival and bone tissue. This leads to tooth loss.

Finally, scaling and root planing may make the mouth more aesthetically pleasing, and should reduce bad breath caused from food particles and bacteria in the oral cavity. Superficial stains on the teeth will be removed during scaling and planning, adding an extra bonus to the procedures.


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Basic consultation cost will start from  Rs 1000 and depends on the deposits and complexity of treatments


Most frequent questions and answers

People of varying ages should consider undergoing scaling and polishing to achieve optimum oral health. Once the damage starts setting in, a more complex dental procedure may have to be carried out.Nevertheless, those who are already showing signs of disease may still proceed with the procedures as these can delay the progression or even halt the disease for a very long time. One of the common
symptoms of gum disease is bleeding particularly when brushing the teeth.

A person who is suffering from bad breath may think about deep cleaning with scaling and polishing.Bacteria may release certain substances due to their metabolic function and, in turn, cause badbreath. Sometimes bad breath or halitosis is a sign of gum disease.

Depending on the severity of the stains and the position of the teeth, the procedure may take one or a few thorough cleaning sessions before the expected results can be achieved. There may be someminor discomfort especially if an ultrasonic instrument is used during scaling. There may be numbness of the teeth and discomfort on the jaw due to prolonged opening of the mouth. It may take at least an hour to complete the procedure.

in most cases you can eat right after a dental cleaning.To receive the most out of this
treatment, you will need to wait 30 minutes after your dental cleaning to eat or drink.

Usually done after scaling, polishing removes surface stains while making your teeth
smooth and shiny.

Scaling is one such procedure that keeps your gums healthy and firm.Such deposits, if not removed by scaling, cause infection and loosening of the gums, ultimately leading topyorrhoea and tooth loss. Scaling is a safe and routine procedure and does not damagethe tooth surface in any way.