Zirconia Crown

Zirconia Crowns

Zirconia Crowns


Zirconia Crowns

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns  covers a tooth that needs support or an implant. Also referred as ‘Cap’ , it  fits over the remaining tooth structure to restore the appearance and function of the natural teeth and protects it from further damage. Zirconia crowns in Coimbatore are one of the best alternative solution for natural tooth.

Why Zirconia for Crowns?

When it comes to material, you have multiple range of options varying from metal to esthetic ceramics. Esthetics and strength usually do not come along. Due to increasing demand of esthetics accompanied by strength, dental crowns which satisfies these criteria are under research . One such option that satisfies both esthetics and strength is Zirconia.These are used after root canal,dental bridges and dental implants treatments.

Zirconia Crowns

Can I differentiate my Crown and natural teeth?

Most dental practitioners are switching from PFM crowns to Zirconia crowns due to its life like appearance, that comes in hand with durability and longevity. Zirconia crowns will be an excellent choice for natural appearance and long term usage.

What makes Zirconia special?

Zirconia crowns in Coimbatore are the choice when excellent dental restoration is needed. Esthetics, strength, and safer to use for long period makes it more special than conventional PFMs. There is no risk of discoloration of gums or metal exposure, since Zirconia is metal free.


Zirconia Crowns

Is there any risk using Zirconia crown?

There are very minimal disadvantages associated with Zirconia Crowns. Due to its toughness, there might be wearing down of opposing teeth by friction. However frequent follow ups helps in reducing this risk factor.

Zirconia crowns

Why "THE DENTIST" Dental Clinic?

Our experienced dental team will assist you throughout the procedure and ensure that you are comfortable. We make sure that you get the best possible treatment to design your smile. Our specialists provide cost effective and complete solutions for all your dental problems, with fine quality of work. Everyone dreams of having a beautiful smile. Our goal is to turn your dream into reality.

How much it would cost for a zirconia crown?

Cost of zirconia crown treatment varies from Rs.8000 to Rs.35000. We at “The Dentist” dental clinic, ensure that our patients get value for their money. Visit our clinic for more details.

Zirconia Cost


Clinic is superb with its ambience and very good hospitality from the team as the entire check up process was very comfortable and professional.
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Zirconia crown  cost will start from  Rs 8000 and depends on  the varities and warranty


Most frequent questions and answers

The preparation of teeth involves the same as the conventional metal ceramic crown. No other special procedure is required for Zirconia Crown. 

Zirconia crowns are highly esthetic and has much more natural result than the other materials such as metal ceramic and ceramic .

Zirconia crowns are 100% metal free.

Crown preparation usually donot cause any pain. In case of any discomfort, local anesthesia will be given.

Zirconia crowns are highly biocompatible and hence they do not cause any allergic reactions or discomfort to your gums when properly placed. 

High strength accompanied by esthetics makes Zirconia as the most reliable replacement of our natural teeth. 

Since the surface of the crown is smooth, they do not take up stains,  henceforth no color change occurs after placement. 

Zirconia crowns do not need any special care. Regular dental visits and proper oral hygiene are recommended to increase the longevity of the crowns. 

Zirconia crowns doesn’t cause any change in taste preparation. 

Zirconia crowns last for many years if maintained with proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits.