Important Information Before Using Clear Aligners

Important Information Before Using Clear Aligners Important Information Before Using Clear Aligners. The best expression a person can display is a smile. It is accompanied with happiness, enthusiasm, or perhaps an expression of thanks. Beyond making your smile appear unattractive, having uneven or crooked teeth can also make you feel less confident. Clear aligners are … Read moreImportant Information Before Using Clear Aligners

Midline Diastema Closure with Composite Layering technique

Anterior teeth are most important. The size, shape and color of front teeth play an important role in dental aesthetics and smile .  A few aesthetic a problems could be solved with Composite Restorations like: Dental cariesTooth FractureEnamel DefectsDiastemas  Midline Diastema: A space or gap between teeth. The diastema width is about 0.5-1mm Midline Diastema … Read moreMidline Diastema Closure with Composite Layering technique


CLEAR ALIGNERS As the demand for aesthetic treatments is increasing, more people are seeking alternatives to fixed orthodontic appliances. Clear aligners are an aesthetic and comfortable option for orthodontic treatment and have gained immense popularity over the last decade.  The increase in the number of adult orthodontic patients has prompted an upsurge in the demand … Read moreCLEAR ALIGNERS

CSR Initiatives


We at THE DENTIST part of our social responsibility activity,conduct free dental camps and other assistances for the people in need.We understand their needs and visit their places and conduct preliminary dental examination.We have tied with other medical specialities to conduct a full screening and assist them for their well screening we make a … Read moreCSR Initiatives

Art of Dentistry


Dentisty is an art and needs a lot of creativity in shaping up the teeth to deliver a confident and happy smile.Evolution of dentistry from traditional to modern days has been to greater heights.With latest cutting edge technologies assisting to create a modern dentistry treatment techniques,makes smile brighter with developing dental expertise. Creating a tooth … Read moreArt of Dentistry