Midline Diastema Closure with Composite Layering technique


Anterior teeth are most important. The size, shape and color of front teeth play an important role in dental aesthetics and smile .  A few aesthetic a problems could be solved with Composite Restorations like:

Dental caries
Tooth Fracture
Enamel Defects

 Midline Diastema: A space or gap between teeth. The diastema width is about 0.5-1mm Midline Diastema usually occurs in the upper anterior compared to the lower.

Reasons for Diastema:

Labial Frenulum
Peg shaped lateral incisors
Cyst in the Midline region
Tongue Thrusting
Thumb Sucking
Dental Malformation
Maxillary Incisor Proclination

Worrying about Spacing or diastema?

Here comes the solutions 
Composite restoration
Clear Aligners

Composite Restoration:

Composite Restorations are high standard, a white tooth color restorative material utilized to match the natural aesthetics of your adjacent teeth.
Composite provides an array of hues, colors, and opacities for composite layering techniques which mimics the opalescence of natural teeth.

Procedures are done by:

Rubber Dam isolation
Retraction Cord
Etching Enamel Surface
Application of Bonding Agent
Use a gentle stream of air to evaporate the solvent.

Light polymerize the bonding agent layering of dentin with composite followed by enamel shade.
Finishing with a white stone bur, and following the anatomy of the tooth.
Polishing with interdental strip, and finally with polishing paste.
Composites last from 1-5 years depends on the severity of spacing and habitual biting .

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